American C7 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Jesse Stands with Little Assistance After Epidural Stimulation

Jesse Graham, now a 34-year-old man, has spent almost a quarter of his life serving in the US Air Force until everything changed in 2014. One fine day during a snowboarding trip, Jesse got into an accident that left him with a C7 Spinal Cord Injury.

With the natural spirit of a fighter, Jesse sought for ways, that could improve his condition and give him some functions back. The search led him to discover the breakthrough Epidural Stimulation and Regenerative Treatment with Unique Access Medical in Bangkok, Thailand.

This C7 Spinal Cord Injury patient underwent the Epidural Stimulation Procedure, which involves a surgical implantation of a stimulating device on his Spinal Cord. Through Physiotherapy, Jesse will learn how to control this device and in the process, promote the locomotor-like activities initiated by this device. Furthermore, to promote the repair of the damaged Spinal Cord, Jesse also received Regenerative Treatment.

Following the treatment, Jesse experienced several significant improvements that has given him hope and motivation to continue fighting. Not only has he regained some functions, Jesse is also able to stand up with little assistance from the Physiotherapists, to which he claimed was the first time he’s been able to walk or stand since his injury. Jesse wishes to show us the improvements he has in real life by standing up as he gives the interview.

“I wanted to stand in the interview just to show that it can be done and to hopefully, give some people some hope that this is where it’s headed,”

To Jesse, Epidural Stimulation “is an idea that changes [his] future, from being seated all the time to possibly being upright again.”

Everyone at Unique Access sincerely wishes Jesse all the best and we will be there to see and make it happen!

If you are considering the Epidural Stimulation Procedure, please do not hesitate to contact us and our medical experts will get back to you at your earliest convenience.