Improvements Beyond Expectation for T5-T6 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Jacob from USA

Jacob Collinsworth sustained a life-changing injury from an accident back in 2009 whilst the truck he was driving veered off the road. As a T5-T6 Spinal Cord Injury patient, Jacob lost control over the movements in both of his legs and more. To improve his condition, he has been in search for a treatment ever since.

Recently, this 39-year-old patient Jacob traveled all the way from the United States to undergo the Epidural Stimulation Procedure, which is offered in Bangkok, Thailand with Unique Access Medical. The breakthrough treatment involves a surgical implantation of a stimulating device on the patient’s spinal cord on the lumbar puncture region. Once switched on, the device works to promote locomotor-like activities in the areas below the injuries. In addition to the Epidural Stimulation Surgery itself, Jacob also received a few extensive sessions of Physiotherapy.

Within a few days after the Surgery, this T5-T6 Spinal Cord Injury patient notices several positive improvements. He reports having improved bladder control, as well as better and stabilised trunk control. Whilst Epidural Stimulation has also helped him get back on his feet with assistance; for a limited amount of time, Physiotherapy has also contributed to Jacob’s increased muscle and tone. He, now, also has less spasticity compared to prior treatment.

“I’ve been able to move both legs, which I would never have been able to do before- I’m ecstatic! I think that everything and anything that’s going on here is by far the best in the world.”

Seeing all of the improvements to his prolonged condition, Jacob is extremely excited. In the interview, he recommends Epidural Stimulation to anybody sharing his condition. “If anybody wants to do this, they should. From a scale of 1 to 10, I would put it at an 11. It’s above the scale of what I expected,” he said.

If you are also considering Epidural Stimulation for yourself or your loved-one, please contact us. Our medical experts are ever ready to attend to your concerns.