Andrew Bell’s Mission to Walk Again

Andrew Bell underwent the Epidural Stimulation procedure with Unique Access in 2015 as a treatment for his T5 Spinal Cord Injury. He was bound to a wheelchair after a tragic road accident involving another motorist back in the UK. Nevertheless, Andrew ignored his doctor’s prognosis of permanent paralysis and is strongly determined to walk again.

Spinal Cord Injuries affect the muscle and autonomic function in parts of the body below the injured area, resulting in the loss of any motor functions. An Injury at a T5 region, which is located in the Thoracic Vertebra in the mid-back, will usually result in a lack of function in the legs and/or torso, as well as a reduced ability to control the abdominal muscles or trunk of the body. While the injury is usually deemed to be permanent, Andrew is filled with hope that the Epidural Stimulation procedure will help him get back on his feet.

Prior to his most recent visit to our facilities, Andrew Bell had already visited Unique Access Medical twice; one time to undergo the initial Epidural Stimulation procedure and another time for extensive Rehabilitation. On both occasions he never ceased to show astonishing progress. By the end of his second visit at the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017, he had already regained some movements in his legs and was able to take steps, stand, and hold his own body weight.

Following more Physiotherapy during his 3rd and most recent period of rehabilitation, overwhelmed with a great sense of achievement, Andrew Bell was able to stand up independently with his walker to give an interview. While standing strong, he continues to talk about his progress as he experiences more strength and an obvious increased size in his leg muscles. Not only that, Andrew also has better core strength that enables him to regain control of his body and control his legs much more steadily. In the interview, Andrew shares with us that he has picked up numerous techniques from the therapies which he could practice and use in his day to day life as he continues to work towards achieving more goals in the future.

Andrew Bell was delighted to see such improvements in his own body, to which he said, “the benefits that I’ve seen and all the changes in my life are absolutely priceless.” His results have surpassed  his expectations. There is no doubt that his devotion and perseverance to achieve his goals will continue to be an inspiration to other people.

Epidural Stimulation has helped Spinal Cord Injury patients regain movements in a way that was previously unimaginable. For more information about Epidural Stimulation, please contact us. Our Patient Representatives are always available to attend to any of your queries.