American Spinal Cord Injury Patient is Up on His Feet Following Epidural Stimulation Treatment

Andrew Valadka’s life significantly changed after he was involved in a football accident that injured his Spinal Cord at the C6 region. The injury bound the young American to a wheelchair, forcing him to put his active lifestyle behind him. Despite this, Andrew Valadka refused to give up and went on a search for an Alternative Treatment before discovering Unique Access Medical’s Epidural Stimulation Now. Andrew watched several video testimonials involving patients with similar conditions to himself who had undergone the Epidural Stimulation procedure. After making direct contact with Andrew Bell, a T5 Spinal Cord Injury patient who has seen tremendous progress himself, Andrew Valadka decided to come to Bangkok for his own treatment with Unique Access.

Andrew Valadka began his Epidural Stimulation treatment with Unique Access Medical in late July 2017. The process involved a surgical implantation of an Epidural Stimulation device on the posterior structures of the Lumbar Spinal Cord where it would stimulate locomotor-like activity through the application of an electrical current. Following the surgery, Andrew Valadka also received Regenerative Treatment and went through an extensive Rehabilitation Program, which is consisted of Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Aqua Therapy, and more.

Six weeks into his treatment, the young American already started to show promising results. He was able to stand in the parallel bars by himself with no staff assistance. Moreover, he also regained the ability to control and move his leg muscles voluntarily whilst both sitting and standing. The return of mobility in his leg muscles has enabled him to perform exercises which has resulted in improved cardiovascular health and increased upper body and core strength. These significant improvements have resulted in Andrew being able to perform daily activities which much greater ease and have paved a promising road towards further progress in the future.

After seeing these positive changes, Andrew Valadka and his mother were extremely satisfied, to which his mother said,
“I wasn’t sure it was going to happen that quickly, but it did.”

Andrew was very pleased with the results he achieved from the treatment at such an early stage,
“To see the improvements I saw in the short 6 weeks, I can’t imagine what will happen in the months and years to come down the road.”

Aside from that, the young American paid special thanks to the staff, who have supported him throughout his stay.
“They really want to see you improve… They want the best for you.”

Andrew welcomes any questions from people who are considering coming to Unique Access for the Epidural Stimulation procedure.
“If you are sceptical, then ask questions. I’m happy to answer.”

Our previous patients have all benefited and seen life changing results from Epidural Stimulation. If you’d like to know more about the procedure, please contact us. Our Patient Representatives are always ready to attend to all of your queries.