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Andrew-Bell Spinal Cord Injury Progress

Andrew Bell – Spinal Cord Injury Patient Continues to Inspire

Andrew Bell refuses to give up! A Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patient, he is set to accomplish goals larger than one can ever imagine and with his persistency and dedication, his dreams seem possible with every passing day.

Shortly after being involved in an accident that left him dependent on a wheelchair, Andrew told the doctors back in Britain he would prove them all wrong; that despite their bleak dose of realism, he would be able to walk again.

Mr. Bell, who is currently back at our hospital in Bangkok, recently celebrated his 31st birthday at the facility. Each anniversary is a turning point in Andrew’s journey. Last year he was able to stand up on his own for the first time since the accident, whereas this year he has been able to take a few steps with the help of our therapists.

While in Thailand, Andrew is relegating his wheelchair to a secondary position as he is regaining mobility in his lower limbs and is slowly learning how to walk again. Moreover, having received the Epidural Stimulation device, Andrew is paving the way for many other patients who suffer from SCIs and who would hopefully follow in his footsteps.

When asked about his recovery process, Andrew said, “I had huge expectations of myself so wanted to stand up and take steps, but didn’t think it would happen nearly as quickly. I was told I’d never walk, but less than 18 months later I’ve just done about 50m holding parallel bars.”

Andrew is confident that he will soon accomplish everything he has set out to achieve. And although adversity is undoubtedly an unavoidable part of his life, Andrew’s enthusiasm continues to pull him through.

It is said that tough times never last, but tough men like Andrew Bell always do and nothing will make us happier than to see him walk again. The entire Unique Access Medical team stands by Andrew every step of his awe-inspiring journey to recovery.

If you or a loved one suffer from a Spinal Cord Injury, please contact us and one of our experienced Patient Representatives will attend to you as soon as possible.

H/T The Northern Echo



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