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C7 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Isaac - Epidural Stimulation

Dr Nasir talks about Spinal Cord Injury Patient’s Progress following Epidural Stimulation Surgery

To learn about Isaac’s story from the beginning, please read the first blog post in this series by clicking here.

A couple of weeks had passed since Isaac’s Epidural Stimulation device was turned on for the first time. Since then he’d been training hard and keeping our physical therapists busy, which was great to see. The first nervous moments standing up with the parallel bars were well behind him and he was feeling great.

Dr Nasir, the medical consultant overseeing Isaac’s procedure, took time to speak to us shortly after the young Canadian arrived in Bangkok for his treatment. He was there when the epidural stimulation device was initially turned on, and reflected on what a special moment that was for the patient, his family and all the staff,

“Three days after the surgery, we turned on the device which was very awesome for his family and for himself. It was the first time he was moving his legs in four years, so it was very emotional … his mom seeing her son move his legs for the first time after the injury.”

In the video below, Dr Nasir talks about Isaac’s injury, his initial progress after the device was turned on for the first time and describes multiple supporting therapies that are part of the overall epidural stimulation procedure.

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