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C7 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Isaac - Epidural Stimulation

Isaac’s Journey to Recovery Continued in Bangkok

It was almost week four of Isaac’s rehabilitation using epidural stimulation and his stay with us was soon coming to an end. We went to see him to say hello and caught up with him on the latest progress report from him at the treatment centre.

Since he first arrived, Isaac has been helped by a team of doctors and specialists who were dedicated to his recovery every step of the way, and things were going great. So great, in fact, that with each passing day Isaac could stand using parallel bars for longer durations. He had more energy, his range of motion had improved, his autonomic dysreflexia had also improved, and his confidence was sky-high. And to his team at the hospital, it was wonderful to see. For someone who had no trunk control when he first came here, our patient was really happy to regain some of his old movements.

“Before coming here (to Bangkok) I didn’t have any trunk control…I’m able to do almost a sit up now, which I thought would be impossible before this”, he said.

He was different than when he first came to us, he had renewed vigour. He described what it was like during his stay and talked about how great it was to take his first unassisted steps since his accident years ago. He was happy he did this. And we were thrilled to see how far he’d come in a few short weeks.

“I’m quite happy with the progress so far and I can’t wait to see how far it goes”, he added toward the end of our conversation.

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