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C7 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Isaac - Epidural Stimulation

Isaac’s SCI treatments Continued to Turn Heads

To learn about Isaac’s story from the beginning, please read the first blog post in this series by clicking here.


Isaac’s team was always behind him one hundred percent. Whether he was doing his core exercises, hydrotherapy or his daily acupuncture, Isaac was in good hands with his specialist. Over the course of the first two weeks, his range of motion had increased a good amount and he had reduced autonomic dysreflexia, which is high blood pressure common to these types of cases. His epidural stimulation treatment was going well and he was tackling each new challenge with renewed vigour.

His acupuncturist Yasinee’s job was to use her skills to treat Isaac’s symptoms as they arose. She would meet with him every day, they would talk about how he was feeling and she would focus her efforts on helping alleviate whatever was bothering him, whether it was pressure pain, high blood pressure or anxiety. The approach was not only effective, it also helped Isaac feel good about the level of care he was receiving at the clinic.

His progress on the parallel bars was really coming along and his overall trunk and leg muscles were noticeably improving. For a spinal cord injury patient, it’s an incredible feeling to be able to regain control over a part of your body you’ve been told will no longer work.

“…I’ve noticed quite a bit of progress with being to stand on the parallel bars, and also I’ve noticed quite a bit sensation improvements”, he told us between one of his sessions.

With a team of doctors and clinical specialists in tow, Isaac was feeling better and better about his journey to Bangkok. Stay with us for part 5 of Isaac’s story as we speak with Yasinee and another one of his treatment specialists, Beer.

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