Breakthrough Treatment Leads to a Breakthrough Outcome for American C6 Spinal Cord Injury Patient

Andrew Valadka, a C6 Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) patient from the United States, continues to show remarkable progress back home since his Epidural Stimulation Surgery in Bangkok. A devastating accident during Andrew’s high school football match struck him and fractured his Spinal Cord at the C6 region.

An injury at a Low Cervical region (C6) carries a certain level of severity considering its location at the highest section amongst three of Human Spinal Cords; the other two are the Thoracic region, which extends through the mid-back beneath Cervical region, and the Lumbar region at the lower back. C6 Spinal Cord Injury patients will generally experience paralysis in their hands, trunk, and legs. A permanent inactivity in the affected areas will, in turn, result in muscle atrophy over time; where patients would require support to get on and off of the wheelchair and bed. Moreover, with this injury, patients also lose control over their bowel and bladder movements.

However, without losing hope about his condition and determined to stand up and walk again, Andrew underwent the Epidural Stimulation Procedure along with a series of extensive Training and Rehabilitation Program with Unique Access Medical in Bangkok, Thailand.

By the second week into his treatment, this C6 SCI patient was already able to do a two-legged squad. To his mother and to his own surprise, Andrew’s speedy improvement allowed him to get up and stand between parallel bars with no assistance by the sixth week. He continued to show more and more positive progress throughout his 6-week stay here in Bangkok.

With an overall improved muscular strength and cardiovascular health, Andrew’s road to recovery seems promising. Even after his departure from Bangkok, Andrew remains focused and diligent with his Rehabilitation Program back home which allows him to see further improvements with his motor functions along with his ability to stand up and take steps.

Today Andrew Valadka is literally taking big steps closer to his dream of being able to walk again. The whole team at Unique Access Medical is excited to see Andrew’s continued progress and we wish him all the best.

If you, too, are considering to receive the Epidural Stimulation implant, please feel free to contact us. Our medical experts will get back to you promptly.