C4 Spinal Cord Injury Patient’s Positive Experience with Epidural Stimulation

Paralysis as a result of a Spinal Cord Injury has always been deemed permanent and untreatable due to the damaged connection between the spinal cord and the brain. Nevertheless, the innovative Epidural Stimulation device works to replace and trigger the lost signals to promote locomotor-like activities for Spinal Cord Injuries patients. The Epidural Stimulation procedure has proved that the initial perception of Spinal Cord Injuries being untreatable is untrue, and it has already changed many people’s lives, Payton Smith being one of them.

Payton Smith is a 22-year-old man from America who was involved in tragic car accident which broke his Spinal Cord at the C4 level, which is located just below the base of his neck. An injury of such a high level is considered to be the most severe. As a result, he lost all movements in all of his limbs and now requires constant assistance for conducting many of his daily activities.

Although the doctor back home told him his condition was irreversible, Payton persevered and kept on fighting. After having undergone the Epidural Stimulation procedure with Unique Access Medical, in combination with several Rehabilitative Sessions, this 22-year-old man is slowly proving the doctors back home wrong.

“I sat for 40 minutes, just balancing and using my core muscles. Before, I could have never sat even for 30 seconds”, he shared some of the improvements to his condition in the interview. On top of that, Payton was also able to lock his legs and stand up on a hoist for a while and take steps.

“These are things I was told I never would have, so it’s pretty exciting”, he added.

Although Payton’s road to recovery is full of challenges, he sets off on the journey filled with courage, perseverance, and great support from those around him. In the video above, he shares the overall improvements he is experiencing after the Epidural Stimulation implant and expresses his appreciation towards the therapists, who have been helping and guiding him with great dedication. He also talks about the immense support he receives from his father who keeps him motivated during these challenging times.

“Just in a short time I’ve been here, I’ve done things that I thought I couldn’t do. If nobody has pushed me, I might have never figured that out. Thank you to all of them… It surely is a breakthrough treatment. It has helped so many people”, Payton added.

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