C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Gabi Returns to Bangkok For More Treatment

In August 2017, 39-year-old C5-C6 Spinal Cord injury patient Gabi from Romania underwent the Epidural Stimulation Procedure with Unique Access Medical in Bangkok.

Now, Gabi returns to Bangkok for the second time after the Epidural Stimulation Surgery, in search for more Rehabilitation. During his 2 and a half weeks long of extensive Physiotherapy and Device Mapping sessions, Gabi finds himself, once again, amazed at the improvements the treatments are able to deliver.

“To move my legs after 22 years in a wheelchair- completely paralysed- is a big miracle. Epidural Stimulation has changed my life,” Gabi said.

He now has more muscle activity where he is able to move his legs, ankle, and knees, both whilst standing up and sitting down. In addition, Gabi has also noticed a significant improvement in the strength of his quadriceps, an area he said used to be the weakest. Also, during the Device Mapping session, both Gabi and his therapists are excited to discover more connections between the muscles and the spinal cord.

“I’m very satisfied. Everything was perfect,” Gabi added.

Gabi carries on his confidence and hope in Epidural Stimulation and devotes an ample amount of his time into informing other Spinal Cord Injury patients of the potential of this treatment. Gabi never even once, lets the physical challenges get the better of him. Instead, he continues to inspire.

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