Canadian C5-C6 SCI Patient Recommends Epidural Stimulation Following Positive Treatment Experience

Randeep Rai from Canada encountered a life-changing accident in 2013 that left him with a C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury. Over 4 years after the accident, Randeep came across the Epidural Stimulation Implant by Unique Access Medical on the Internet and with the tremendous support from his brother, the siblings together, started their research on the procedure. They also watched all the Patient Testimonials on our website before finally deciding to reach out to our medical specialist. Randeep was, then, scheduled a consultation session with our specialist where he had all of his doubts and questions answered and explained. With strong confidence, 28-year-old Randeep decided to travel to Bangkok to undergo the Epidural Stimulation Implant.

The Epidural Stimulation Surgery involves the implantation of the Electrical Spinal Stimulation Device on his Lumbar Spinal Cord Region that stimulates electrical currents to promote locomotor-like activity. Following the Surgery along with Mapping sessions and extensive Physiotherapy sessions, Randeep has already started to see some improvements. In the interview, Randeep and his brother shared with us that Randeep is able to hold his legs up by himself more, comparative to the initial stage where he required a full assistance of a physiotherapist. He is also able to experience a considerable amount of voluntary leg movements.

“It feels better. I can’t really compare the experience in words because they are more than that to me. I am able to move every muscle unlike before the surgery. That’s probably the best improvement for me.”

Moreover, Randeep was also impressed by all the staff and facilities during his stay at Unique Access Medical’s Partner Hospital.

“When you need help, they are there. There is always someone you can communicate with, and that makes it easier.”

Randeep is fully aware that the nature of each patient’s injury is different, and that some patient’s process of recovery could be faster than that of the others. Nevertheless, encouraged by the thought of spending more quality time with his brother in Bangkok, the 28 year-old Canadian is ready to fight through the difficult roads for he knows that anything worth it, never comes easy.

The Epidural Stimulation Procedure has helped all Spinal Cord Injury patients see positive improvements increasing the quality of their lives. We are looking forward to see what further improvements the surgery brings for Randeep.

If you are also considering the Epidural Stimulation for yourself or your loved one, please contact us and schedule a free consultation with our medical experts.