Andrew Valadka, C6 Spinal Cord Injury

Epidural Stimulation Patient Testimonial

Andrew’s Story

Andrew Valadka, from Chicago in the USA, had always been an active athlete who devoted a great deal of his time to sports and exercise.


However, his life dramatically changed when he got into an accident while playing American Football and broke his neck, leaving him with a C6 Spinal Cord Injury.




Despite this unfortunate twist of fate, Andrew Valadka is filled with hope, determination, and optimism.


He began researching on the internet to look for Alternative Treatments to help improve his condition, and this led him to discover Unique Access Medical.


Andrew looked through all the Patient Testimonials on our website before reaching out to one of our Spinal Cord Injury patients, Andrew Bell, after learning about his remarkable improvements following his Epidural Stimulation Treatment.

Andrew’s Progress

Andrew Valadka then decided to travel to Bangkok to undergo the Epidural Stimulation procedure himself. In a matter of weeks, he had already started to see significant changes in his condition following the initial surgery and the rehabilitation that followed.


Follow his journey as he continues to see more and more improvements.

In This Video, Andrew Valadka And Andrew Bell Share Their Experiences And Discuss Epidural Stimulation.

American C6 SCI Patient Continues to Amaze the World with His Progress After Epidural Stimulation.

Former American Football Player Andrew V., Back on His Feet After Suffering Spinal Cord Injury.