Isaac Darrell, C7 Spinal Cord Injury

Epidural Stimulation Patient Testimonial

Isaac’s Story

Four years ago, Isaac’s life dramatically changed when he was left paralaysed from the waist down following a diving accident.


Being a very athletic and active individual, his spinal cord injury was something that was difficult to accept, but Isaac was determined to find a way to get back on his feet again.


He began researching procedures that would help improve his quality of life and that is when he discovered Epidural Stimulation. Isaac decided that this would be the best option to help him regain movement in his legs and improve various other bodily functions that had been affected by the injury he sustained.


Isaac travelled to Bangkok to undergo the Epidural Stimulation procedure and was amazed with the results he achieved so soon after the device was turned on for the first time.


This video documents Isaac’s entire experience, from him being able to move his legs for the first time since his injury to being able to stand and make steps towards the end of his treatment

Isaac’s Progress

In this video, Isaac talks about his first mapping session which took place at the very beginning of his treatment


In the first two weeks of his treatment Isaac made great progress, as he discusses in this video


Isaac describes the further improvements he noticed, after nearly 4 weeks from his initial surgery


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