Szymon Bisaga, 17 – Poland


Szymon’s Story

Szymon Bisaga

He was hit by a tram in 2014 and had a complete break at C5-C6. His accident was severe and he underwent many surgeries.


Before his accident, Szymon was a competitive baseball player and very active. He raised funds to cover the cost of treatment in his home country, and is very grateful to everyone who contributed.


His epidural stimulation device implantation was in October 2015, and within four days of the operation he was controlling movement in his legs again. His video has received over 500,000 views on Facebook so far.


Szymon Bisaga
He is paralysed, but would love to play baseball again. Together we can help the young athlete to fulfill his dreams.``

Polish national daily newspaper - Gazeta Wrocławska.

Thanks to the great efforts of Szymon's parents there is a chance to return to normal function for the young athlete. Szymon was selected to undergo this costly and complex operation in Thailand.``

Polish sports magazine - Sportowy Wrocław

Szymon made good progress during his mapping, programming and physiotherapy. He went home feeling very optimistic

“Before, I could only train and have hope that one day maybe I could move my legs, but now I move my legs, so one day I can walk again, it’s the next step.”