Gabi Razvan Iordache, C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury

Epidural Stimulation Patient Testimonial

Gabi’s Story

Gabi Razvan Iordache from Romania has spent 23 years of his life in a wheelchair ever since a diving accident that left him with a C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury. From an active person whose free time is devoted mainly to outdoor activities and doing exercises, this 39-year-old’s life is completely changed.




Despite the tragic outcome of the accident, Gabi refuses to let paralysis get the better of him and stays determined to fight and bring back what he used to have.


He traveled to Bangkok with his mother and wife to receive the Epidural Stimulation Surgery with Unique Access Medical trusting that it could bring life changing improvements for his condition.


This collection of videos shows Gabi’s overall experience at Unique Access Medical as he embarks on this journey full of excitement and determination.


Improvements Shared by C5-C6 SCI Patient from Romania Gabi Razvan after Epidural Stimulation Surgery.

C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Gabi from Romania Makes Great Progress After Epidural Stimulation.

Romanian C5-C6 SCI Patient Gabi Razvan undergoes the Epidural Stimulation Surgery in Bangkok.

Gabi returns to Bangkok for extensive Rehabilitation and continues to experience great improvements.