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Andrew Bell’s Journey to Recovery

Andrew Bell, the first T5 Spinal Cord Injury Patient to take assisted steps after suffering from paralysis, has gone a long way forward since his Epidural Stimulation implant with Unique Access Medical in Bangkok.

The Northern Echo briefly talked with Andrew to discuss what he has been doing since his initial treatment procedure. Ever since the unfortunate accident that took away the use of his legs, Andrew has taken on a positive mind set. His positivity was so strong that he inked the words “Never Give Up” onto his arm with a matching illustration of a man in a wheelchair and a man getting up from a wheelchair.

Andrew’s miraculous recovery and unyielding effort in pushing himself to get better is serving as an inspiration for people all over the world.

Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury

Conventional medical knowledge says that paraplegia is incurable. With care and therapy simply aiming to keep the patients healthy and not returning their ability to walk, there has been very little hope for those who have suffered severe Spinal Cord Injury. However, Andrew, is the first to have made definite steps in overcoming this condition.

After he underwent the Epidural Stimulation Surgery in Bangkok, Andrew quickly showed signs of improvement. Just a few days into his stay with Unique Access Medical, he was able to move his legs; a feat that was technically impossible according to his doctors just a few months prior. After the implantation of the stimulator, Andrew began a Rehabilitation Program. During this period, he continually made significant progress. Eventually, he was able to stand up with very little support.

After several years and two return trips to Thailand, Andrew’s progress has been phenomenal. He can now stand almost unsupported for over an hour. He can also take assisted steps for 30 minutes at a time. His recovery is unprecedented. Because of this, Andrew serves as an inspiration for many patients with similar disabilities. His positive mindset and willingness to continually strive towards recovery has allowed him to accomplish something which was once considered impossible.

Inspiring the World

Andrew is now using his story and his experiences to help the others struggling with disabilities and takes pleasure in being able to help others in their difficult times. He regularly visits the James Cook University Hospital, Middlesbrough to talk to patients and give them some measure of encouragement and moral support. Moreover, Andrew is now also a go-to contact for Spinal Cord Injury patients enquiring about the Epidural Stimulation procedure with Unique Access Medical in Bangkok.

Andrew’s grit and determination are indeed an inspiration. And he isn’t done just yet. After already accomplishing the impossible, Andrew is still working towards a full recovery. He has his sights on being able to join and finish half-marathons just as he was able to before receiving his injuries.

Presently, Andrew aims to return to Bangkok for a another round of treatment. The cost of this revolutionary treatment is quite steep. Because of this, he is currently raising funds for his return to Thailand. If you wish to be a part of Andrew’s journey to recovery, please visit his gofundme page and donate.

We wish Andrew Bell all the best with this incredible journey, and we hope to see him soon in Bangkok for his next round of treatment.

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