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Romanian SCI Patient Gabi Begins His Epidural Stimulation Journey - Epidural Stimulation

Romanian SCI Patient Gabi Begins His Epidural Stimulation Journey

Gabi Razvan Iordache attended a military high school and has lived an active lifestyle back in Romania; playing sports and running 20 kilometres daily until a diving accident happened and changed his life dramatically. The accident left him with a C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury. He is now 39 years old and has spent 23 years in a wheelchair as a quadriplegic.

In pursuit of a treatment to improve his condition, Gabi embarked on a journey to Bangkok, Thailand, where he is scheduled to undergo the Epidural Stimulation Surgery with Unique Access Medical.

The Epidural Stimulation Procedure will involve an implantation of an electrical current stimulator on his lumbar spine region. Once switched on, it activates the spinal cord nerve circuitry with impulses that would ordinarily originate in the brain and thus, promote locomotor-like activity. With this innovative and unique treatment technique specifically assigned for him, Gabi trusts that Unique Access Medical would be able to alleviate his struggles and ultimately, bring him back on his feet.

Upon arrival in Bangkok to undergo these treatments, the 39 year-old Romanian was restless and overwhelmed with excitement on the prospect of finally standing up again. With the help of his loved-ones, Gabi was able to organise a fundraising campaign which was heavily promoted in the Romanian TV Channels. As a result, he successfully gathered enough donations to make this Surgery a reality.


“23 years in a wheelchair, to have a chance [to be able to walk again] is like a dream-come-true. We are counting the hours. We are counting the time until I can get the surgery.”


We look forward to seeing the improvements he will experience after the Epidural Stimulation Surgery.

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