Spinal Cord Injury Treatment: New Research Shows Spinal Regrowth from Regenerative Treatment

Research published in Nature Medicine has revealed that spinal regrowth has been successfully achieved from Regenerative Treatment, which could have significant implications for the future of spinal cord injury treatment.

Regenerative Treatment have the ability to regenerate new organs, repair injured tissues and regulate the immune system. Their function in regenerative medicine offers an increasing amount of new hope to patients suffering from a wide range of medical conditions.

Image credit: medicalnewstoday.com

Image credit: medicalnewstoday.com


Fantastic results have been seen from using Regenerative Treatment to treat spinal cord injuries, a condition of which approximately 273,000 people suffer from in the USA alone.

Using Regenerative Treatment techniques, spinal regrowth has been achieved, according to recent research. Scientists are successfully able to regrow the corticospinal tracts through the injured cord using Regenerative Treatment.

The treatment we provide at Unique Access Medical has delivered similar results. We utilize high dose mesenchymal Regenerative Treatment in our treatments combined with epidural electrical stimulation for spinal cord injury patients, which also helps in regeneration of axonal and corticospinal tracts through the injured spinal cord

Regenerative Treatment treatment is no longer experimental – it is a treatment that has been used for a while now. Combining epidural stimulation together with Regenerative Treatment allows for the regeneration of axonal and corticospinal tracts which has resulted in remarkable motor function and sensory function recovery.

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H/T Medical News Today