Epidural Stimulation Helps T7 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Shantanu from Nepal Achieve His Goal of Standing Up Again

Shantanu Sharma is a 22-year-old patient from Nepal, whose life came to a major turn when he got into an accident that left with a T7 Spinal Cord Injury. As a result of this, Shantanu lost all voluntary movements in his legs, and the ability to control his bladder and bowel movement.

To fight against the twist of fate and determined to get back on his feet again, Shantanu decided to undergo the breakthrough Epidural Stimulation Treatment with Unique Access Medical in Bangkok. The treatment involves a surgical implantation of an Epidural Stimulation device on the Lumbar region connecting to the patients’ nerve systems. With extensive Rehabilitation, Shantanu will learn how to control the resulting limb movements activated from the device, as well as regain the muscle mass he has lost from the prolonged inability to move.

Only a few weeks into the treatment, Shantanu has already started to notice several significant improvements. As he is feeling better and stronger each day, Shantanu is certain he is moving towards a positive direction. This was later confirmed when this T7 Spinal Cord Injury exceeded his short-term goal and is already able to stand up on the parallel bars with assistance. Shantanu now enjoys an increased muscle mass and a healthier body for the first time in two years ever since the accident.

Witnessing all the positive changes happening to his body, Shantanu is brimmed with gratitude. He said that coming to Bangkok to undergo the Epidural Stimulation Procedure was “the right decision. It changed my life because I can use muscles that I haven’t been able to use for 2 years.” Aside from that, Shantanu shares with us that his experience in Bangkok was very satisfying and that he does not wish to leave his second home.

“It’s more than worth it. It will change what is possible for you in your life.”

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