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T5 Spinal Cord Injury

Matthew Perkins’s life changed dramatically when he got into a motocross accident and as a result, was left with a T5 Spinal Cord Injury. This 28-year-old man from the UK, however, refuses to give in to the unfortunate fate and goes on a search for any available treatment that could make a change to his condition.

This T5 Spinal Cord Injury came to learn about Epidural Stimulation when he saw Andrew Bell, who is also a T5 Spinal Cord Injury patient, on TV. Seeing Andrew regaining the ability to stand up by himself following Epidural Stimulation Procedure inspires Matthew to seek out a similar course of treatment.

Soon after, Matthew found himself departing for Bangkok, Thailand, where he is scheduled to undergo the Epidural Stimulation Treatment and extensive Rehabilitation Sessions.

Only two days into the treatment, Matthew was extremely excited to see his legs regaining voluntary movements. He will now continue to persevere the rehabilitation and hope to reach his full potential. Follow his story here.

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