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Andrew Bell Mirror Article

Andrew Bell’s Recovery Featured in the British National Press

Our former patient and dear friend, Andrew Bell, surprises us yet again! A national British newspaper has featured him again in a recent article, sharing his story months after receiving Epidural Stimulation treatment. His story is one that certainly does not go unnoticed, and the Mirror clearly agrees. His journey has been documented several times by various newspapers that make up the Trinity Mirror Media Group, a long with many other media outlets throughout the world.

Taken from the Mirror article

Taken from the Mirror article

In this particular article, they highlight how he went from surviving an accident that left him dependant from a wheelchair to being able to regain mobility of his lower limbs before his 30th birthday.

The Mirror newspaper mentioned in detail the treatment Andy received at Unique Access Medical, which included the delicate medical procedure of the implantation of the Epidural Stimulation Device.

If you would like any information about the Epidural Stimulation procedure, please contact us directly and one of our patient representatives will be in touch as soon as possible.

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