Revolutionary Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

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Regain Motor And Sensory Function

With This Next-Generation Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Epidural Stimulation is the world’s most advanced spinal cord injury treatment, commercially available exclusively from pioneering healthcare company, Verita Neuro. Since 2016, we’ve helped patients from six continents — male, female, young, and old — regain voluntary movements and look forward to brighter futures.

How Does It Work?

A Surgery, a Device, and a New Lease on Life

Epidural Stimulation involves the surgical implantation of a neurostimulation device.

The device is placed on the posterior structures of the lumbar spinal cord where it supplies electrical currents that connect nerve signals from the brain to spinal cord tissue below the injury level. This “bridging” effect allows for the possibility of voluntary movement and the return to normal of various involuntary body functions.

The epidural stimulation device can be implanted in patients with complete or incomplete injuries and can be programmed and controlled by a handheld module no bigger than a smartphone.

Where Can I Get It?

State-of-the-Art Surgery and Rehabilitation Facilities

Epidural stimulation is available through Verita Neuro’s, certified treatment providers in Thailand and Mexico. We work with only the finest doctors, neurosurgeons, and therapists delivering spinal cord injury treatment, in facilities designated with numerous international accreditations. This ensures that patients with incomplete or complete injuries receive the best possible outcomes with the highest levels of safety.

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Supportive Treatments

An Array of Complementary Post-surgical Care

Epidural Stimulation treatment goes far beyond surgery


Device Mapping

Watch video of how high-efficacy neurostimulation patterns can be targeted for maximum success


Vitamin IV Drips

Infusion therapy shown to improve overall health and reduce chronic pain buildup in the spine

physiotherapy (1)

Physical Therapy

Five weeks of extensive, hands-on physiotherapy from empathetic spinal-cord injury specialists


Occupational Therapy

Expert analysis activities and adaptive tasks to help you regain skills and attain your goals

Potential Improvements

Regain Abilities and Say Goodbye to Symptoms

Read all about individual patients’ improvements in our detailed Case Reports.

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