Former American Navy Officer Jackson Undergoes Epidural Stimulation for His C5 Spinal Cord Injury

Jackson Sherry served in the American Navy until he got involved in an accident that left him with a C5 Spinal Cord Injury. Although Jackson has lost the ability to voluntarily move his legs as a result of the accident, it never dampened his spirit. This 25-year-old man from the United States of America continues to participate in outdoor activities as well as play different kinds of sports, including swimming, biking, wheelchair racing, and weight lifting.

When Jackson discovered the Epidural Stimulation implant in Bangkok, Thailand and witnessed the positive changes happening to other people sharing his condition, he decided that this was the right place for him. Together with his girlfriend, the two traveled to Bangkok together, trusting that it will bring changes to their lives.

Jackson underwent the Epidural Stimulation Procedure, which includes the surgical implantation of Epidural Stimulation device, Device Mapping, and an extensive Rehabilitation Therapy, in combination with Regenerative Treatment. Only a few days into the treatment, this C5 Spinal Cord Injury has already seen positive improvements. Prior to the treatment, Jackson suffered from spasticity, a condition which is now hardly noticeable. Not only has the whole treatment experience brought him joy, Jackson now has hope for the future.

Positive that everything was going towards the right direction, Jackson set his goal to stand up on the parallel bar with support once he completes the treatment procedure. With strong moral support from his girlfriend and high perseverance, that goal, undoubtedly, is not beyond reach.

Weeks of Rehabilitation Sessions await him. Everyone at Unique Access Medical is excited to see what more improvements Jackson will have.

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