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What is Epidural Stimulation?


Epidural stimulation is a revolutionary treatment that has the potential to change the lives of millions of people worldwide who are living with a spinal cord injury.

But what is epidural stimulation and how does it work?

The process involves the application of a continuous electrical current to specific locations on the lower part of the patient’s spinal cord.

A small, surgically implanted device is wired up to the spinal cord and controlled externally by a remote control.

The animated video below demonstrates the process of epidural stimulation…

When implanted, the impulses from the device ‘reactivate’ the nerve cells in the spinal cord and form connection to the site of the injury.

After the epidural stimulation device is put in place, a course of physiotherapy is undertaken by the patient, allowing their brain, muscles and nerves to ‘learn’ how to consistently create voluntary movements whilst the device is activated

As a result of the procedure, the patient may be able to regain control of certain bodily functions, such as movement of the legs, for the first time since their injury.

Below is a video of Szymon, one of our patients who recently received the treatment. Here he demonstrates what can be made possible with the help of epidural stimulation…


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