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C4 Spinal Cord Injury

American patient Payton Smith’s life took a twist when he got into an accident that left him paralysed. The C4 Spinal Cord Injury forced him into a wheelchair and took away his movements and sensation in his four limbs. He has also lost his control over his bowel and bladder movements.

Although Spinal Cord Injuries are deemed untreatable by many, Payton refuses to give in to the doctor’s prognosis of permanent paralysis.

Instead, he went on a search for a treatment that could help him before finding the Epidural Stimulation procedure with Unique Access Medical.

He travelled here believing Epidural Stimulation could improve his bodily functions impaired or lost from the injuries.

Payton is constantly full of optimism and determination to see the changes in himself as he embarks on this journey with courage.

Payton’s Progress

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