Youssef C5-C6 SCI Treatment - Epidural Stimulation


 C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury

Youssef Amr Abdelgalil Khorshed, an 18-year-old patient from Egypt, underwent Epidural Stimulation Surgery with Unique Access Medical in Bangkok to treat C5-C6 Spinal Cord Injury. He broke his fifth cervical which caused him pain in the shoulders and his neck.

The accident occurred three years ago in the North Coast of Egypt as he was on a speedboat. “I wanted to jump in the water but I didn’t know that the sand was really close, so I jumped and hit my head on the sand,” he said. His mother helped him by researching on Facebook, where she found about Epidural Stimulation Treatment.

Epidural Stimulation is a treatment where the spinal cord is implanted with a device that enable electrical currents to be sent through the spinal cord. The electrodes are surgically implanted and placed over the spinal cord’s protective coating. The patient has a remote which controls the stimulator to transmit electrical waves into the spinal cord.

He didn’t recall any nervousness during the procedure where he had to undergo surgery to attach the stimulation device. “My mother was nervous, she was afraid but I wasn’t afraid. I didn’t feel anything- I took the anesthetic and slept. I needed to sleep anyway. So it went well,” he said of his feelings that day. He added that there were no side effects and no fever except a change in blood pressure.

Youssef’s Progress

After the Epidural Stimulation Surgery and intense rehabilitation for six to eight hours a day, he improved a lot. Youssef noticed that on the first day, he could move his ankles up. “There’s a lot of movements in my legs and my lower limb,” he said.

Occupational therapy and physiotherapy was a big part of the recovery, besides the Epidural Stimulation Treatment and his favorite exercise was the core and trunk exercises which he found helpful.

From the first day, Youssef recalled being able to move for the first time in years which was something he said he couldn’t imagine himself doing. He found the surgeon professional and found all the staff helpful and friendly. “They’ve got very advanced equipments,” he added.

Besides, he also got to experience a bit of Thailand travelling to the Safari World and visiting the park. «It was really beautiful, I really enjoyed it. It’s the first time in Thailand but I heard great stuff about the country. The people are very polite.”

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