Jacob Collinsworth

Injury Level: T5, T6
Time since injury: 1 – 2 years

T5-T6 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Jacob Treatment - Epidural Stimulation

Jacob Collinsworth got into a devastating accident that left him with a T5-T6 level spinal cord injury and changed his lifestyle from a constantly active athlete to being physically dependent on a wheelchair. Ever since the unfortunate incident in 2009, this 39-year-old has been in search for a treatment that could improve his condition.

Jacob came to learn about the epidural stimulation procedure with Verita Neuro and decided that it is exactly what he needs. He, then, travelled to Bangkok, Thailand to undergo the epidural stimulation surgery and rehabilitation.

Only a few days into the treatment, Jacob began to notice several positive improvements with his condition. His bladder control improved and he acheived more stabilised trunk control, an increase in muscle tone and more. Watch his story and follow his progress here.

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