Vishnu Agarwal

Injury Level: C7
Time since injury: 2 – 5 years

C7 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Vishnu

Vishnu Agarwal’s life changed dramatically when he got into an accident that left him with a C7 Spinal Cord Injury. A playful father to his two children, Vishnu’s condition hindered him from engaging in any more active activities. This 48-year-old man from India, however, decided to take matters into his own hands. Together with his wife, he flew to Bangkok to undergo epidural stimulation after months of thorough research. Upon arrival in Bangkok, Vishnu set out on his treatment and underwent the breakthrough epidural stimulation in combination with extensive physiotherapy sessions.

With his children and wife as the source of motivation, Vishnu worked hard to get back on his feet. In just a week he began to notice several positive improvements following the epidural stimulation surgery. It enabled him to stand (with assistance) for the first time since his accident. It also faciltated improvements in the movement of his legs and in his balance while seated.

Vishnu Agarwal

's process

Following the Epidural Stimulation Surgery, Vishnu has made good progress. This is the first time he is able to stand (with assistance) since his accident. He also now enjoys improvements in the movements of his legs and in his balance while seated.

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