Andrew Valadka Sharing his Epidural Stimulation Experience with Andrew Bell

Andrew Valadka, a young high-schooler from Chicago, USA, was left with a C6 Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) following an accident whilst playing football back in the United States. He came to Bangkok to undergo the Epidural Stimulation Surgery with Unique Access Medical in late July 2017.

Five days following the surgical implantation of the Epidural Stimulation device, Andrew was ready to begin the Rehabilitation Program arranged for him.

At Unique Access’s facility, Andrew Valadka finally met with Andrew Bell, who is a T5 SCI patient and a fellow recipient of this pioneering Spinal Cord Injury Treatment. Andrew Bell’s third visit to Unique Access Medical coincided perfectly with Andrew Valadka’s own stay at the facilities, allowing them to finally meet in person. They had been in contact prior to this, when Andrew Valadka sought advice and consultation from Andrew Bell, after learning of his remarkable improvements following treatment. This played a big role in Andrew Valadka’s decision to come to Unique Access and to follow a very similar treatment plan to the one Andrew Bell received back in 2015. In their discussion featured in the video above, Andrew Valadka shares his own experience so far with Physiotherapy and Mapping.

Physiotherapy will help the brain and muscles coordinate to achieve more voluntary control, while at the same time, Mapping will keep a detailed record of which muscles are responding to the electric stimulator triggered by the device. Almost two weeks into his Treatment, Andrew Valadka was already able to do a two-legged squat on command. Nevertheless, to increase stability and strength in his quad muscles, the young American will continue to work to promote more familiarity between the stimulation from the device and his nervous system. He expresses his excitement as he looks forward to undergoing more therapies set out for him in the following weeks.

As Andrew Valadka has an extensive Rehabilitation Program set out for him, Andrew Bell kindly shared with him some challenges he faced in his own journey. He advised Andrew Valadka to set feasible and small goals, and to not put too much pressure on himself. They continue to sit down and exchange more stories and experiences with each other. Andrew Bell highlighted the value of having a community of fellow Spinal Cord Injury patients offering support to each other, where one can ask questions, give and receive advice, and simply understand each other’s feelings.

Andrew Valadka will proceed with his rehabilitation as he continues to be filled with determination, hope, and optimism. We, Unique Access, are also looking forward to witnessing more improvements from him.

If you’d like to find out more about the Epidural Stimulation procedure and the Treatments we provide, please do not hesitate to contact us. A Patient Representative will promptly attend to your concerns.