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Andrew Bell Epidural Stimulation Step Training - Epidural Stimulation

Andrew Bell Live Streams One of His Step Training Sessions for the First Time

Following a motorcycle accident near his home in County Durham, England, in May 2015, Andrew Bell was left paralysed from the chest down and was told by doctors in the UK that he would never walk again. Determined to achieve a different outcome and to get back on his feet again, Andrew flew to Bangkok later that year to undergo the Epidural Stimulation procedure. It’s been around one year since his treatment and Andrew has noticed significant improvements during this time. He has now returned to Bangkok for an extensive period of rehabilitation, to help him progress even more.

Andrew is keen to show the rest of the world how he is getting on, and recently he posted a live video on his Facebook page during one of his step training sessions. We shared the video directly to the Epidural Stimulation Now Facebook page, but incase you missed it, you can see it right here below.

Andrew intends to share several more live videos during the next few weeks and months during his rehabilitation. Follow the Epidural Stimulation Now Facebook page to stay up to date with his progress.

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