Zech Carson

Injury Level: C5, C6
Time since injury: 15 years +


Zech Carson sustained a C5-C6 level spinal cord injury following an accident. As a 41-year-old man, Zech was unsure of his chances of any recovery.

When he discovered epidural stimulation, a breakthrough treatment, he regained hope of gaining back some voluntary movement. With the help of his friends, several well-wishers, and his neighbours, Zech set up a fundraising campaign that received great support and helped Zech to raise the funds to pay for his treatment. 

With the loving support of his wife, he travelled from America to Bangkok,Thailand, excited by the prospect of potential improvements to his motor, sensory and autonomic functions. Following the early weeks of his treatment, he began to notice a chain of improvements, including strengthened muscle mass and defined abs. Watch his story and witness all his improvements here.

Zech Carson

's process

Zech feels like his hard work is paying off when he starts to notice a chain of improvements following his treatment, some of which include strengthened muscle mass and defined abs.

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Injury Level: C5
Time since injury: 2 – 5 years