Ryan Straschnitzki

Injury Level: T2
Time since injury: < 1 year

Ryan Straschnitzki

Ryan Straschnitzki is a 20-year old Canadian who was involved in a road accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down with a T2 level spinal cord injury. In April 2018, the ice hockey player was onboard a coach bus with his Humboldt Broncos teammates when a truck collided with the vehicle, in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Tragically, the accident resulted in the death of 16 of the passengers onboard the coach and serious injury to 13 others, including Ryan. After discovering epidural stimulation as an innovative and effective spinal cord injury treatment, Ryan sought out the procedure himself. 

Learn more about the fantastic progress Ryan made following his treatment and his goals for the future.

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Injury Level: T7
Time since injury: 1 – 2 years