American C7 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Jesse’s Progress Following Epidural Stimulation

Throughout his life, Jesse Graham, a 34-year-old patient from USA, has lived a life of a fighter, from serving in the US Air Force for as long as 15 years of fighting to get back on his feet again. Jesse lost mobility in his legs following a snowboarding accident that left him with a C7 Spinal Cord Injury. However, not allowing anything to stop him, Jesse used to and still does enjoy an active lifestyle where he spends his time on outdoor activities and sports.

Naturally, Jesse devoted his time and energy into searching for a treatment that could help him. When he found the Epidural Stimulation Procedure in Bangkok, Thailand, this C7 Spinal Cord Injury was determined to persevere despite the physical and emotional challenges ahead of him.

Jesse underwent the Epidural Stimulation Procedure, which includes the implant of a stimulating device and Rehabilitation Therapy, in combination with Regenerative Treatment. Throughout the treatment, this 34-year-old patient constantly maintained an attitude of high-spiritedness and optimism. Transcending all stereotypes that a disabled person should be the one in need of inspiration, Jesse, instead, is the inspiration to other people.

Only a few weeks into his treatment, Jesse has already seen several positive improvements. He has significantly regained functions in his legs and is able to raise his knees and kick forward with his quadriceps. Also, even with the stimulating device switched off, Jesse notices that there are improvements in his core muscles, which enabled him to stand with assistance on the parallel bars. Everything is moving towards a positive direction.

Jesse acknowledged that this fight, is unlike any other he’s ever been in, and takes a tremendous amount of devotion, time, and positivity. However, with a spirit as high as that of Jesse, we are certain that his path ahead will only generate more positivity.

“I believe that anything worth doing in this life is a challenge. It’s going to challenge you mentally and physically, and it should,” he said.

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