C7 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Vishnu’s Growing Confidence in Epidural Stimulation And Its Effectiveness

Epidural Stimulation is a breakthrough treatment that centers around the surgical implantation of the Epidural Stimulation device that applies a continuous electrical current to the spinal cord to promote movements in the areas otherwise deemed immovable. Over the years, Epidural Stimulation, in combination with Rehabilitation Sessions, has helped all Spinal Cord Injury patients regain back some functions the injury had made impossible. Vishnu Agarwal, a 48-year-old man from India, is, too, amongst them.

Vishnu sustained a C7 Spinal Cord Injury from an unfortunate accident that changed his life drastically. From a playful father to his children and a loving husband to his wife, Vishnu’s mobility issues are hindering him from engaging in outdoor activities he used to enjoy.

Vishnu, accompanied by his wife, then came to Bangkok to undergo the Epidural Stimulation Implant and an extensive Rehabilitation Therapy. This 48-year-old C7 Spinal Cord Injury patient’s confidence continues to grow with time as the positive improvements started showing- from the very first movements in his legs after years of immobility to being able to stand up with more stability now. To Vishnu, his improved balance in sitting and standing with assistance, prove to be extremely reassuring as they signal that his journey is moving towards a positive direction and that he is one step closer to reaching his goal.

“I’m very confident if I continue with this treatment, I’ll be able to stand on my own and walk again,” Vishnu said during the interview.

Aside from the progress Vishnu has made, the couple is also extremely impressed with the facility and the staff, two of the major factors that has eased their stay and given them much comfort and reassurance.

“We’ve never seen this kind of caring and treatment in any of the hospital in India. People come here from all over the world and they, too, are saying this is the best place in the world right now.”

We wish Vishnu all the best with his treatment journey and we can’t wait to see him walking again!

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