Gabi Razvan Lordache

Injury Level: C5, C6
Time since injury: 15 years +

C5-C5 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Gabi - Epidural Stimulation

Gabi Razvan Lordache from Romania spent 23 years of his life in a wheelchair, following a diving accident that left him with a C5-C6 level spinal cord injury. From an active person whose free time was devoted mainly to outdoor activities and doing exercises, the accident change the 39-year-old’s life completely. Despite the outcome of the accident, Gabi retained hope of regaining his functions. 

He travelled to Bangkok with his mother and wife to receive the epidural stimulation surgery with Verita Neuro, trusting that it could bring life changing improvements for his condition.

This collection of videos shows Gabi’s overall experience at Verita Neuro.

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Injury Level: T2
Time since injury: < 1 year