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Epidural Stimulation for over 70 spinal-cord patients from a “customer-centric” provider - Epidural Stimulation Now

Epidural Stimulation for over 70 spinal-cord patients from a “customer-centric” provider

For the longest time, spinal-cord injuries (SCI) were thought to be incurable. But recent advances in neurology research and clinical practice have challenged this idea, with Verita Neuro leading the way.

Since 2016, we have had amazing success giving paraplegics and quadriplegics the ability to move their limbs voluntarily, largely because of our dedication to being a “customer-centric” healthcare provider: We view SCI patients around the world as customers, not merely as statistics to be treated and discharged.

So, Verita Neuro’s medical professionals are constantly improving existing practices for our customers and integrating the newest, most cutting-edge technology into our treatments whenever possible, including the breakthrough surgery called Epidural Stimulation.

To date, we have performed over 70 Epidural Stimulation implant surgeries, a procedure which allows SCI patients’ brain signals to properly connect to spinal-cord tissue below their injury level — something that was believed to be lost forever prior to this advancement.

World-class, scientific SCI care

Improving the quality of outcomes achieved by spinal-cord patients is our primary purpose as an organization, and our growing body of work indicates quite clearly the positive effects that Epidural Stimulation has on spine injuries ranging from C4 to T12 level.

We take an innovative and holistic approach to treating SCI, and are one of the few healthcare organizations in the world today — perhaps the only one — offering Epidural Stimulation commercially.

And when Epidural Stimulation is combined with regenerative cell therapy and with more conventional SCI treatments such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy, our patients make notable gains toward recovery.

Building global partnerships for better care

But we aren’t satisfied yet, so every day we look to develop more robust, more successful treatments and make them available to more SCI sufferers.

For this to be possible, Verita Neuro partners with numerous international medical institutions, ensuring we remain at the forefront of SCI treatment and are better able to contribute our own research to the growing literature on overcoming paralysis.

We’ve entered into partnerships with India’s prestigious Institute of Brain and Spine and with Dr. Guilherme Lepski at the University of Sao Paulo’s Division of Functional Neurosurgery, Clinics, and Hospitals.

And most recently, our attendance at The International Spinal Cord Repair Meeting 2019 in Barcelona, Spain, had conference guests and speakers intrigued by our success in delivering Epidural Stimulation and led to numerous entreaties for future partnerships and collaborations.

Patient-focused, customer-centric care

Nearly four years ago, Verita Neuro set out to do three things:

  1. Advance treatment protocols for SCI, which we have done with Epidural Stimulation and neuro-regenerative therapies
  2. Become a worldwide Centre of Excellence for SCI, through continued research and ongoing partnership building
  3. Emerge as the world’s finest medical tourism provider, treating SCI patients like high-value “healthcare customers”

We are proud of our success in each area, particularly with point #3 where Verita Neuro’s internationally-accredited hospital facility in Bangkok, Thailand, provides the optimal environment for treating SCI patients and helping them have comfortable recoveries.

Our customers receive personalized treatment regimens from experienced, devoted doctors, nurses, therapists, and staff, all delivered with the famous brand of Thai hospitality.

You will be an active participant in your care, where transparency, personal connection, and empathy ensure you’re entire experience here is pleasant and relaxed. And, most importantly, you will be empowered to regain control and start down a path towards the life you had before your spinal-cord injury.

Here at Verita Neuro, we are a proud team that exceeds the global standards of quality care for our healthcare customers. If you’d like to learn more about us or our treatments, reach out to us and one of our patient representatives will be in touch within 48 hours.

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