Andrew Bell, T5 Spinal Cord Injury

Epidural Stimulation Patient Testimonial

Andrew’s Story


A negligent car driver hit Andrew’s motorbike in May 2015 leaving Andrew paralyzed from the chest down.


Two metal rods were inserted into his spine and within three days of his accident Andrew was told he was unlikely to ever walk again. He refused to accept this conclusion even before learning about epidural stimulation treatment. Remaining incredibly positive, and being both mentally and physically fit, have helped him get great results following the Epidural Stimulation procedure.


Andrew’s initial results were excellent. Like all previous patients, he gained control of his legs after just a few days and his exceptional fitness is helping the rehabilitation process.

However, the ongoing progress that Andrew has made since his treatment has been even more remarkable. Always setting new goals for himself, Andrew is now at a stage where he can walk again, with very little assistance.

Andrew Bell Featured on BBC News

Andrew Bell in the Media

Andrew’s Progress

Andrew Bell talks about his return to Bangkok, Thailand, nearly one year from his initial treatment, to undergo a period of extensive rehabilitation.

Andrew, and fellow Epidural Stimulation patient Brinston, share a positive message about their treatment to other spinal cord injury sufferers.

Andrew Bell made significant progress during his period of extensive rehabilitation, particularly in the last few weeks – as he discusses in this video.

T5 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Andrew Bell Returns to Bangkok for More Treatment.

T5 SCI Patient Andrew Bell Talks about His Latest Improvements Following Rehab.

T5 SCI Patient Andrew Bell is making great Progress Towards walking again.

With a spirit of a fighter and an outstanding sense of optimism and perseverance, Andrew Bell serves as a truly inspirational figure not only for people with Spinal Cord Injury, but for all. Throughout his several courses of treatment, Andrew has already shown a long chain of life-changing improvements, most important of which was a regained ability to stand up independently. Here, Andrew, together with a highly experienced medical expert, Dr. Nasir, were live on Facebook answering questions, attending to any concerns the audience was seeking for help with their conditions, and spreading hope in the process.

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