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C5 Spinal Cord Injury

Aurimas, a 29-year-old SCI patient from Lithuania, sustained a C5 Spinal Cord Injury following an unfortunate accident. However, with his friends and family as big motivators, Aurimas pushed forward and sought a treatment that could help him. His sister searched websites and found Epidural Stimulation Treatment through Unique Access Medical.

“It was one of the best decisions of my life,” Aurimas said of the treatment.

Aurimas decided to undergo Epidural Stimulation procedure along with extensive Physiotherapy. He recalled that after the procedure, he felt neck pain, but the pain went away after five weeks. With a lot of physiotherapy, he gained core balance, which enabled him to sit up straight. Along with regaining his balance, his shoulders and hands also felt stronger. Though his muscles were not strong enough to stand or walk, with the help of the stimulation device, he was able to feel movements in his legs.

Aurimas wanted to thank the people of Lithuania who helped him with the fundraising for his treatment as well as his friends and family. He believed that after an accident, a person must try their best to regain recovery so that they can live again happily.

He believed that besides the treatment, the recovery after the pain that he endured for a year was possible due to the care and love given from everyone around him.

“My biggest motivation is my wife and my son alongside my family and friends, because they always believe in me, that I can succeed, that’s why it pushed me forward, and I found ways to get better” Aurimas said.

The staff had also assisted him in the recovery; he felt warmth and friendliness from them that made him more cheerful and gave him a more positive outlook during his treatment.

“After this, we are like friends, and it would be hard to leave them, but I think I am going to come back here again,” he said.

For patients he had this message to leave them: “It’s always easy to do nothing and wait for something to happen,” Aurimas added. “I think if you’re unhappy after a serious injury, you should try to do everything for your friends and family who wants to see you get better, and if you have the opportunity, definitely do the treatment.”

For those who are considering the Epidural Stimulation implant with Unique Access Medical, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our medical experts will promptly attend to your enquiries.

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