Jackson Sherry

Injury Level: C5
Time since injury: 2 – 5 years

Jackson SCI Testimonial

Jackson Sherry served in the American Navy until he got into an accident that left him with a C5 level spinal cord injury. The 25-year-old refused to let the injury prevent him from doing the activities he used to enjoy and continued to swim, bike, wheelchair race, lift weights. He continued to research ways to improve his physical function. 

In an effort to make changes to his life, Jackson decided to undergo epidural stimulation surgery and rehabilitation with Verita Neuro. His short-term goal was to stand up on the parallel bar with support, and in the early weeks he made some great progress with his condition.

With immense support from his family and girlfriend, Jackson continued to persevere with his rehabilitation program to saw more improvements. Watch his story here.

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