Payton’s Optimism Before his Epidural Stimulation Surgery

Payton Smith is a 22 year-old  man from America suffering from a C4 Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), a form of SCI which is considered to be the most severe. It would most likely result in paralysis in the arms, hands, trunk, and legs. The patient may not be able to control his own bowel and bladder movements and will need constant assistance to perform daily activities such as eating, dressing, getting in and out of bed, and more.

In search for a treatment that could benefit his condition, Payton conducted an extensive research on the Internet before finding Unique Access. After going through several Patient Testimonials on our website and reading about the Epidural Stimulation procedure that is offered here, he felt reassured and decided that getting the breakthrough Surgery with Unique Access was most optimal.

“It wasn’t a hard choice after I’ve looked at different things.”

Payton was scheduled to undergo the Epidural Stimulation procedure, which involves a surgical implantation of Epidural Stimulation device on the Lumbar spine region. The device, once activated, would trigger the Spinal Cord nerve circuitry with impulses that would have been originated in the brain. During the 30-40 day Rehabilitation period, with the help of Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy, the muscles and nerves would gradually learn how to create voluntary movements on their own.

In the interview, Payton shares an extremely powerful message and encourages other people not to give up. Time and again, patients find themselves at the face of doctors’ discouraging and dreadful prognosis that only dampens their spirit.

“You can’t listen to that. There are things you can do to get better. Never give up. Never listen to them telling you that you won’t get better.”

Payton Smith never lets paralysis get the better of him. His optimism and courage will always guide him to continue fighting. Now, he is more than ready and excited to go through the Surgery.

“I am always ready to work.”

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