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Epidural Stimulation for bladder and bowel improvement - Epidural Stimulation Now

Epidural Stimulation for bladder and bowel improvement in SCI patients

The loss of bladder control after Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) is a common problem experienced by individuals suffering from SCI. Bowel care after spinal cord injury becomes especially complicated too, as patients will not only tend to lose motor control over their legs, but their injury can extend to nerves that control bowel function.

Injuries above the T-12 vertebrae have a tendency to interfere with a person’s ability to feel whether or not their bowel or bladder is full. For most people suffering from SCI, this is a reality that they have to contend with for the rest of their lives. That is until recently, as researchers have begun to develop promising treatments for bladder and bowel problems resulting from spine injuries.

Epidural Stimulation is a rapidly emerging treatment that is producing positive results in SCI patients. The treatment has seen successes in restoring some function to SCI patients’ bladder control, as well as other bodily functions lost to spinal injuries. It involves the use of electrical currents administered to the spine via a stimulator.

Epidural Stimulation is on its way to becoming one of the standard medical treatments for SCI, and is being closely studied by medical academia. Today, a growing amount of literature supports the potential of Epidural Stimulation in aiding the recovery of damaged neural pathways in the spine, allowing patients to recover lost bodily functions and motor skills.

Unique Access Medical (UAM) is a global leader in providing access to Epidural Stimulation treatments for Spinal Cord Injury. We provide next-generation spine treatments to patients suffering symptoms ranging from the inability to control limbs voluntarily to muscle spasms to lost bladder and bowel control.

UAM is known for our cutting edge, science based treatments like Epidural Stimulation. In the case of patients with SCI, we provide Epidural Stimulation in conjunction with a plethora of supportive treatments to achieve optimal results.

Our multifaceted support regimen includes several treatments: Physiotherapy which is conducted to strengthen muscles and improve bodily control; Aquatherapy which is a form of Physical Therapy that is conducted in a pool to reduce the strain on joints and muscles; Occupational Therapy which involves retraining fine motor skills and dexterity; and Vitamin IV Drops to aid the patient’s body to function at a higher capacity by receiving optimal nutrition. Patients may also be prescribed Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy which improves motor function.

In totality, UAM implements robust treatment programs for SCI patients. Epidural Stimulation attempts to directly address nerve damage caused by Spinal Cord Injury, while supportive rehabilitation treatments help strengthen muscles, improve coordination, and enhance all-around patient health.

UAM has a long list of success stories in helping patients with SCI. Our patient testimonials have shown improved bowel management in paraplegics with SCI, improved motor function, and increased overall strength. Patients young and old have been able to benefit from treatment at UAM, and you or your loved one could be next.

Should you wish to make inquiries regarding Unique Access Medical’s treatments, or book a consultation, you may reach us via our contact form.

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