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Epidural Stimulation at Guilin Event - Epidural Stimulation Now

Epidural Stimulation – Keynote Address at Chinese Health Tourism Forum

Less than a week after inspiring exhibitors and guests at the 12th Annual China International Medical Tourism Fair in Beijing, Unique Access Medical (UAM) visited Guilin to introduce our breakthrough spinal cord treatment, Epidural Stimulation, to a fresh audience.

From November 21-23, UAM’s Head of Patient Services, Mr. Henning Kalwa, attended the Guilin International Health Tourism Forum to deliver the opening ceremonies’ keynote address. Just like the previous week in Beijing, his presentation on how Epidural Stimulation empowers spinal cord injury (SCI) sufferers was met with much delight.

Epidural Stimulation at Guilin Event 3 - Epidural Stimulation Now

Epidural Stimulation is a next-generation procedure that is helping paraplegics and quadriplegics from all over the world regain control over their movements and body functions. Since 2016, we’ve successfully treated SCI patients from over 20 countries in our state-of-the-art surgery and rehabilitation facility in Thailand.

The international interest that Epidural Stimulation receives — from our patients and at medical tourism conferences and trade shows in places like China — is clear evidence of its acceptance in the neurological community as a viable SCI treatment.

It also has the potential to be a major selling point for medical-tourism businesses, which was partly Mr. Kalwa’s message to the hundreds of healthcare- and travel-industry officials in Guilin.

“The presentation I delivered was called ‘Translating Breakthrough Research into Innovative Commercial Treatments Today’,” said Mr. Kalwa. “It was basically a case study on the successes of Epidural Stimulation for spine patients in Thailand, so it fit nicely at an exhibition like this.”

Epidural Stimulation at Guilin Event 1 - Epidural Stimulation Now

The topic of the Guilin exhibition was ‘Sustainable Development and Innovation Cooperation’ which attracted medical experts, published researchers, leadership from several Chinese government ministries, and Guilin’s Mayor — on hand to promote his city’s potential as a top medical tourism destination.

Added Mr. Kalwa, “It was a great honour to be trusted to deliver such a prestigious event’s keynote address. And it provided UAM with a fantastic opportunity to share our spine patients’ inspiring stories and the data that demonstrates the physical improvements they make.”

UAM’s main objective whenever we participate in international medical tourism events — whether in China or, as we did in December of 2018, Mexico — is to put Epidural Stimulation’s effectiveness on display and show the world how much it improves SCI patients’ lives.

“Being able to share information about the procedure, how it empowers patients, and the 100% safety record with such a diverse group of doctors, scientists, and academics, it was a great experience,” said Mr. Kalwa.

“I also enjoyed being able to show healthcare providers from around the world how Epidural Stimulation is a win-win situation. It allows them to partake in something meaningful, and, since we’re just scratching the surface of what the procedure can do, there is a massive opportunity to contribute to the cause in the future.”

Epidural Stimulation at Guilin Event 2 - Epidural Stimulation Now

Guilin happens to be one of just 13 cities designated by the Chinese authorities as a tourism hub, and that of course includes medical tourism. So even though China is mainly a source of medical tourists at this point in time, the potential to become a leading destination is huge.

“As an expert working in medical tourism for the past decade, I can assure you that UAM’s visit to Beijing and now Guilin has been extremely positive,” said Mr. Kalwa. “I was literally receiving emails looking for more information about Epidural Stimulation and UAM’s other progressive treatments within minutes of my presentation.”

If you are looking for more information about how Epidural Stimulation empowers paraplegics and quadriplegics by helping them regain voluntary limb movements, bladder and bowel control, strength, stamina, and more, contact us today.

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