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Help Fund Achut Pokhrel’s Epidural Stimulation Treatment

Achut Pokhrel is a paraplegic patient, who sustained a complete Spinal Cord Injury in 2016. Although the control over his abdominal muscles remain normal, he has completely lost all voluntary movements from the waist down as a result of the accident.

Pokhrel’s dream is to pursue a career in social work, where he can help others less fortunate than him.

“I believe with your help in getting this treatment and rehabilitation I will be able to reach my dream of walking again and hopefully pursue my passion,” he said. Pokhrel is a Nepalese citizen and was a graduate student in hospitality management in Australia.

His family has been shattered and devastated after the injury, which is another reason Pokhrel wanted recovery as quick as he can to be able to support his family again. Pokhrel has searched for the best medical treatment and with the help of Unique Access Medical, in Bangkok, he discovered Epidural Stimulation. Pokhrel was inspired by a man named Andrew Bell, who has a complete T5 level injury. But with the treatment he was able to stand for an hour with minimal support and was able to walk with some support.

Pokhrel is inspired by the potential of Epidural Stimulation treatment and the prospect of being able to regain some voluntary movements. The surgery will be done by the best neurosurgeon team. However, the cost of the treatment ($65,000) is high. He hopes that through his fundraiser, he would be able to gain his dream to recovery and walk again.

To support and help fund Pokhrel’s treatment, please check out his GoFundMe page

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