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Help Rafi Shiwa Walk Again - Epidural Stimulation

Help Rafi Shiwa Walk Again

Dear reader,
My name is Rafi. I am 39 years old; married, and father to a 4 year old girl. I had a beautiful life, until on one unfortunate day on Oct 3rd, 2014, I slipped and fell while trying to get out of bed and sadly broke my neckbone and injured my spinal cord. The incident left me paralyzed below my neck and I have been living this way since 2014.
There are no therapies for my level/severity of spinal cord injury in Canada, but outside of Canada, Epidural Stimulation promise improved function but costs $120,000 CAD.  Since 2014, we have raised $80,000 with great difficulty. I cordially thank them. My doctors tell me that I need this surgery ASAP and that I need to do it in the next few months. I am short of $40,000 CAD right now and  I am in huge need of your generous help to get this treatment and hopefully my life back. No amount is small! Every dollar counts…

Options to contribute ouside of this website or if you don’t have a credit card are:
Email Transfer :  [email protected]
Write personal check to Mohammad Rafi Shiwa Medical Expenses ( email me for address)
Direct Deposite to Trust Account
Mohammad Rafi Shiwa Medical Expenses
Scotia Bank
Transit # 41582
Bank #002
Account # 0134511

Your generosity will give me, my wife and our daughter hope and a chance to re-establish our lives. I pray that you get lots of happiness, prosperity and good health in return!


 Source https://www.gofundme.com/rafis-medical-fund

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