Spinal Cord Injury Patient Andrew Bell Returns to Bangkok for More Treatment

In 2015, and in an unfortunate twist of fate, Andrew Bell was involved in a devastating road accident. While riding his motorcycle, an inattentive driver ran into him, leaving him with a T5 Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). Despite the fact that the doctors told him to resign to the same fate of never being able to walk again, Andrew, however, was extremely determined to rewrite his own story.

The first time Andrew came to us for treatment, he underwent the Epidural Stimulation procedure together with Regenerative Treatments and other therapies as part of his rehabilitation program. Like other previous patients, Andrew’s initial results after the procedure and treatments were excellent. He was able to gain control of his legs and his great fitness levels helped in the recovery process.  

Epidural Stimulation involves the application of continuous electrical current to specific locations on the posterior structures of the lumbar spinal cord. The surgically implanted device sits over the spinal cord protective coating, where it is able to stimulate locomotor-like activity. Epidural Stimulation can be offered to patients with both incomplete and complete injuries.

This breakthrough Spinal Cord Injury treatment is centred around the Epidural Stimulation device. The device is surgically connected to the nervous system; however, it should be noted that it is not a muscle stimulator nor is it a pain management modality. Once implanted, the patient learns how to control the device and the resulting limb movements.

Impressed by the results of his first treatment experience, Andrew was ready for more treatment and as a result, travelled again from the UK to Bangkok to receive it. When he started his 2nd treatment, he did some exercises with his therapists to help strengthen his trunk, core and have balance control. These goals were all such a great feat for him to achieve as he hadn’t quite thought it would be possible.

With more exercise, Andrew was later, through the extensive rehabilitation program, able to take steps on a treadmill. By the end of the treatment, he was also stunningly able to step, stand and hold his own body weight, as well as walk with the assistance of both parallel bars and a walker.

Andrew returned to the UK to be with his family, before deciding that he needs even more of the treatment in Bangkok as it’s greatly improving his quality of life. Since starting the 3rd and latest treatment and rehabilitation program with us, Andrew’s legs are now stronger and his ability to walk is much better than before the treatment. So far, he also has improvements with his bladder and bowel control.

Although many would undoubtedly suffer great trauma from experiencing such an unexpected significant change in their lives, Andrew, 32, remains a consistent, resilient and relentless young man. Now, his sole ambition is to be able to continue with the treatment and experience as much improvement as possible, so as to be able to spend special moments with his loving family and friends he holds dear.

With such incredible progress thus far, Andrew will always remain an  inspiration to many people around the world. We can only wait to see what else is in store for him as he continues with his journey to recovery.

If you’d like to find out more about Epidural Stimulation, please contact us and one of our Patient Representatives will attend to you at your earliest convenience.