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Andrew and Brinston Interview - Epidural Stimulation

Increasing Number of Paralysed Patients Choosing Epidural Stimulation

After Andrew had the accident that left him paralysed, his life obviously changed. What he could not guess is how that life changing episode could cause a big impact in the life of others too. First he was determined to contradict the fate his doctors predicted for him; he started researching to try to find an alternative to simply learn how to manage his life in a wheelchair. That’s how he got in touch with us and the rest, is history. This unrelenting fighter has become an inspiration for others in his situation who decided to follow his steps and undergo the Epidural Stimulation procedure.

Brinston was born in England but has been living in Spain most of his life. 2 years ago, just like his now friend Andrew, he had an accident and was told he would never walk again. Brinston has recently regained his legs movement after undergoing the Epidural Stimulation procedure. He is full of energy and hope, and doctors foresee a bright future for him.

Every day, more SCI patients decide to rewrite their story by undergoing the Epidural Stimulation procedure and extensive rehabilitation in our state of the art facilities in Bangkok.

Family and friends’ support is essential to achieve big things in life. Being surrounded by others who share your goals and know exactly what it means to be determined to refute naysayers is relieving, encouraging and a priceless boost of new energy that is pushing both Andrew and Brinston to gain the biggest reward they could hope for, to walk again.

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