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T3 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Steven - Epidural Stimulation

Australian SCI Patient shows Great Improvement after Epidural Stimulation Treatment

Steven Edge, 23, is Australian and suffers from a Spinal Cord Injury. A few days after his Epidural Stimulation Procedure in Bangkok, he began to show tremendous improvement. He was able to stand and support himself on the parallel bars during physiotherapy. This is quite a big step as it shows that his lower leg muscles are becoming strong. He is also able to stand without the help of the physiotherapist. Earlier, he required the assistance of a physiotherapist to lock his knees and he also could not stand without the physiotherapist holding his hips. This is indeed a giant leap in the right direction.

The procedure was a success with no infections. The doctors have monitored him closely since he got the treatment. So far the results that Steven has shown are amazing. He has been able to achieve all this in just a few days.


T3 Spinal Cord Injury

Injuries to the spinal cord tissues or nerve roots impact physical function depending on the vertebral level. Steven’s injuries were classified as T3 injuries which means that the pectoral area of his chest was affected. This type of injuries are not so common since the thoracic spine is guarded by the ribcage. However, when sustained, these injuries have serious effects on the patient. The effects of these injuries include paraplegia, lack of dexterity of the arms and fingers as well as reduced to none bowel and/or bladder functionality.

Treating thoracic spinal cord injuries aims at strengthening the muscles and the nerves that the body depends on for motor skills. Usually, treatment is in three classes, namely, surgical procedures to alleviate the pressure from the spine and stabilise the affected area, using medication to relieve the pain and inflammation and therapy, both physiological and occupational.

In addition to the physical burden, there are also lifestyle change, psychological stress as well as financial incurrences by the family of the patient. It is therefore advisable for one to seek proper medical care and ensure that the treatment plan put in place actually improves the quality of life of the patient rather than simply managing the symptoms of spinal cord injuries.

As Steven continues to go through with his treatment plan we hope that he will fully recover and that his will be among the many success stories that have been seen at Unique Access Medical. His level of commitment is also inspiring as he constantly puts in the effort to improve his status every day.




If you are suffering from Spinal Cord Injuries or you know someone who is, kindly do not hesitate to reach out to us.



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