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Paralysed Patient Standing Up

Paralysed but Not Defeated: Injured Biker Starts to Walk Again

Andrew Bell, our 31 year old patient from the UK, continues to make significant strides during his intense rehabilitation program while in Bangkok. Although paralysed, he has now been able to stand upright on his own without any aid.

Andrew, who was passionate about riding motorcycles, was hit by a negligent driver. He was since left to fully depend on wheelchairs. He has, however, now been able to make some steps with the help of parallel bars and a walker.

Although doctors told him there was very small percentage of people with paralysis who managed to walk again, Andrew was determined to be a part of that percentage.

Spinal Cord Injury Treatment and Extensive Rehabilitation

When asked how his family is receiving the news of his treatment, Andrew said, “The hardest thing in all of this is how it has affected my family, my mum and dad, and my brother. My nephew was born with a heart condition and had three surgeries before he was two-years-old. He is my inspiration.”

What is Epidural Stimulation?

Epidural stimulation is the application of a continuous electrical current to the lower part of the spinal cord. The stimulation is carried out via a little chip which is implanted over the dura (the protective coating) of the spinal cord. A remote about the size of a smart phone controls the frequency and intensity of the electrical current. When the stimulator is on, specific sensory stimulations, combined with intensive training, allows paralysed people to voluntarily move their legs.

The benefits of Epidural Stimulation include: progress in temperature regulation, enhancement in sexual function, increase in bladder control and progression in certain leg movements.

In the things he hopes to achieve and the future he’s hoping to see, Andrew said, “I wanted to be independent, I am very proud, I ask for the help and support I need but I am a 31-year-old man, I want to be able to put my own socks on at the end of the day.”

Andrew remains an incredible inspiration to anyone who hears his story and we continuously wish him all the best! Keep going Andrew!

For more information about Epidural Stimulation and Andrew’s progress, please feel free to contact us.

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