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T7 Spinal Cord Injury Patient Shantanu - Epidural Stimulation


 T7 Spinal Cord Injury

Shantanu Sharma is a 22-year-old patient from Nepal whose life came to a dramatic twist when he got into an accident that fractured his Spinal Cord. As a result, Shantanu sustained a T7 Spinal Cord Injury where he completely lost the voluntary movement in his lower limbs, as well as the control over his bladder and bowel movement.

Nevertheless, refusing to give up, Shantanu sought for a treatment that could alleviate his condition, and he discovered the Epidural Stimulation Procedure with Unique Access Medical. As a man of strong determination and optimism, Shantanu underwent the Epidural Stimulation Surgery with excitement and hope for the future.

This T7 Spinal Cord Injury patient is ecstatic and filled with hope to further discover the possibilities following the surgery. Now Shantanu will continue to persevere with his Rehabilitation Sessions and awaits to see more progress.

Shantanu’s Progress

Extremely happy with his decision to undergo Epidural Stimulation Treatment, Shantanu believes he “will be open to the whole new world of possibilities.” Only a few weeks into the treatment, this T7 Spinal Cord Injury patient has already done things he could never have done ever since the injury 2 years ago.

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